Best 200% Casino Bonuses UK

Casino bonuses are one of the biggest reasons to sign up to a certain casino – and can be the first thing you look for.

On this page we'll take a look at different type of bonuses (including our favourite – a 200% deposit bonus), why casinos offer these bonuses and a good look at find you the best 200% bonus casino UK players can find!

£100 + 120 Bonus Spins
£200 + 100 Bonus Spins

What Is An Online Casino Bonus?

So you may be thinking this question or maybe something along the lines of ‘what exactly is an online casino bonus?' if you're a newer player.

Simple – it's something a little extra that a casino offers you to join their casino and to keep playing with them! Almost all online casinos offer some form of bonus (Don't worry, we'll go deeper into the different type of bonus soon)

Picking your actual bonus has more to do with what you personally want than anything else – but we think we've found an all-round easy to find whilst still being extremely lucrative bonus for you to grab when you're looking for a UK casino… a 200% bonus!

Why Do Casinos Offer Bonuses Like a 200% Deposit Bonus?

I'd wager a good chunk of change that almost all new online casinos offer some form of bonus or promotion – especially to new players.

Why is this though?

Well, because it's such a competitive industry with new casinos appearing almost daily to go up against, casinos usually offer different bonuses to entice new players in with a bit less risk for these players and more funds to play with.

After these new players that grabbed their welcome bonus have done their ‘trial' for the casino – played a few games and slots with the money from their bonus to get a feel at whether they like the casino or not –  they can usually get more promotions and offers – either daily or weekly.

These daily and weekly promotions not only ensure that the players have a great experience and are having fun when they first join, but they also make sure that they continue to do so through exciting and new offers and promotions always being available to them. 

Why Are There Different Bonuses?

There is a whole heap of casinos with bonuses – some with a huge deposit bonus, an exclusive bonus, a nice matched bonus, some with a hefty welcome bonus, cashback bonuses, hundreds of free bonus spins, different wagering requirements etc. – It can be mind boggling just looking at them all.

The actual bonus offered, and its terms and conditions can be determined by the level of competition and the different regulations behind that particular market – some can have loads of competition and be extremely tightly regulated.

How Do Casino Bonuses Work?

By simply using the bonuses on offer at the casino of your choice, you can get a feel as to whether you're going to like that particular casinos different games and selection of entertainment – such as a certain slot machine or a live table game.

One thing that does come with every casino and their bonuses is the Terms and conditions (t&cs) – some of the things you should look for in these are:

  • Who the offer/casino bonus is for specifically – Is it for returning players or only if you're a new player? If you're a new player, you usually get a much better bonus than the returning player.
  • Is the casino bonus it limited to certain countries or regions? Some countries have much stricter gambling laws and regulations which can greatly affect what a certain casino can offer in its bonus selection.
  •  Is there a minimum deposit if it's a deposit bonus? If you only want to deposit a certain amount of money, this will be a big one for you.
  •  Do you have a certain amount of time to use the bonus? Sometimes a bonus will have to be used up within a certain amount of time – i.e. a week or a month.
  •  How much is the maximum you can bet with the bonus? You may have restrictions on how much you can bet on any given game or machine using the bonus.
  •  Is the bonus restricted only to certain games in that casino? you don't want to get a great bonus but then get stuck playing on selected games you don't really enjoy because of the bonus restrictions.

These are just the basics you should be looking for and some of these points in the terms and conditions may be especially applicable only to certain types of bonus (I.e. a welcome bonus package or deposit bonus.)

What're The Best Types Of Casino Bonuses?

In our eyes at Casino Sites, the deposit bonus is probably the most profitable for the player considering the average deposit amount and wagering restrictions… It's the most applicable because a load of different casinos online offer it… and… its an easy to find bonus for online casinos.

What this deposit bonus does is that the casino will actually match a certain percentage of how ever much you deposit into your main account and hand over that percentage back to you as bonus money in a bonus funds.

So whether you're feeling like its your lucky day or you managed to break a mirror some how – the bonus is always there!

There are a few different bonuses you can get – including bonus money put into a special separate balance for you… a percentage multiple of what you deposit (sometimes this can go as high as 300% – We'll chat about this later) and you could also get ‘mystery rewards' – bonus spins, chips for online live games – a whole manner of different goodies!

Which bonus to choose from a casino is a personal preference, so there isn’t really any set answer. Some casinos have really bad bonuses, some are a bit better… some are out of this world! A few things you may want to take in to account are:

  • How much you want to deposit?  if it's a low amount then you would look for a casino with a bonus that required a low deposit minimum to claim.
  • Are you a hot shot high roller? Like to play big and win bigger on an online casino? Then you'll be after the maximum bonus you can find, no matter the requirements!
  • You don't want terms and conditions to bog you down and make you have to wager a silly amount before you can claim your winnings – be sure to check they're fair (the casino should have a link).
  • Make note that if the casino of your choice has a huge bonus percentage… They'll usually have a big wager requirement aswell.
  • However, the opposite of this is a non wagering bonus – basically withdrawable cash. This one is incredibly rare to find!
  • Finally, check all of the games that are excluded from the requirements – You don't want to be making a deposit to claim the bonus only to realise you can't even use it on your favourite game.

However, first deposit bonus is usually the norm and what most players are looking for, so here our favourite… and why!

A 200% Casino Bonus – 3x Your Deposit

Yep, you read that right.

What this bonus really does is give you 3x the bankroll to play with – what a dream! This bonus is probably one of the best in the UK casino industry, close to a matched or 150% deposit bonus.

You deposit your money and then the casino gives you twice as much on top.  Who just wants some bonus spins, eh?

Looking for a 200% deposit bonus casino? UK players don’t need to look any further if you want the best bonus you can find, as we've compiled a list just for you on this page.

How Does a 200% Casino Bonus Work?

Once you find yourself a casino with this bonus, it's incredibly easy to claim and get rolling with it – just a few simple steps and you're all set.

  • Click the link for the welcome bonus of the casino of your choice- you can find plenty of them on our list of trusted casinos, and you can even do all of this on your mobile!
  • Deposit however much you want – in this example I'm going to use £100 (I'll be using £100 for this example because that's a nice, juicy £200 from the bonus package on top)
  • As UK gambling regulations require bonus balances and real money balances to be kept separate, so the original £100 that was deposited will be in the real money account, whilst the £200 bonus will in the bonus balance.
  • As long as the bonus is valid, you're all set! You get to cancel the bonus balance anytime you want and withdraw your remaining real money/the deposit you made anytime you want.

Now, once you pick a casino that gives you ‘bonus money' when you deposit, you're all set!

You may be wondering about a bonus with a bigger percentage i.e. 300% deposit bonuses or 400% deposit bonuses. These are damn hard to find, especially recently – But we've got you covered.

This is because of UK tax laws for licensed casinos and the increased bonus tax a casino have to pay depending on that casinos bonus, the lesser bonus amounts – like a matched bonus and 150% bonus – are actually becoming more and more common.

How to Claim Your 200% Casino Bonus – UK Players

If all this talk about a 200% deposit bonus going straight into your bonus funds has got you itching to get started playing with 3x the money, look no further than the list of casinos on this page – these are all casinos we trust, have a great game selection and we guarantee you'll have an absolute whale of a time with!

£200 + 100 Bonus Spins
£100 + 120 Bonus Spins


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