2020 Brings The First Ever Poker Online Series

2020 Brings The First Ever Poker Online Series

The first ever world series for poker has been announced within this past week to go live via an online tournament. Due to chaotic events which surround the world currently, this event usually would pass across a typical tournament situation that would work across real-time and real life. However now due to the change in situation, the online virtual tournament for poker will commence across a two month period, offering players large prize pools to entice and try and normalise the change over in traditions and cultures of casino poker gaming. 

This tournament is set to begin on July 1st within North American regions, meaning the date of its approach is less than a month away-definitely appropriate to know the details immediately and as soon as you can! The tournaments are scheduled across a ‘one a day’ basis, meaning players will need to be available at certain times, to catch that one tournament of the day! Players from the Nevada and New Jersey reason are able to successfully enter within the online showing of the poker competitions.

It was initially set to begin for its 51st time within the casino gaming culture during the 26th May of this year, however its delay can be very well justified. They postponed its events from as early as April, due to not being able to see the ability of continuing the traditions of such a large event. It happened to be that the next suitable option was an online showcase and option. Many from the WSOP.com who are in charge of organising and progressing this event, said that the online option was necessary, rather than cancelling the whole thing all together as players build up their casino gaming lives around such moments like these, it would be very unfair if the entire thing was deleted all together without any try of compromise.

WSOP.com have spoken saying they have every hope that the next event should commence as normal and they are sorry to have players compromise on something they have looked forward to for a long time. Many players purchase their tickets as early as a year before to ensure that they have all hands-on-access.

WSOP is going Global!

For all players that are not able to sign up to the North American tournament series, you are all about to be in luck for the new tournament series that allows international players to join and play along. Players outside the US will need to register up before the start date on the 6th September. However players that come from inside the us will be penalised of all winnings if found out to be playing. The online series has developed further to reach more players who are avid enthusiasts when it comes to poker gaming. With $134 million up for grabs in prizes, this event will for sure be making history!

Poker has always been something people have enjoyed online, so it seems only right that players can enjoy tournament privileges on an online basis too! Poker sites' gameplay from within the US have risen by 43% and the events around the world currently are set to make this figure surge even higher. First time players have increased over 200% than usual stats, meaning more and more poker gamers and gamblers are finding light in enjoying this past time more frequently.

Other competitors such as Unibet have also joined the online tournament race, to entice players to continue their gambling traditions despite the change in poker and gambling environment. They have pushed forward many events until next year, yet there are a few set later within this year of 2020.



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