Top 9 Best New Casino Games

Top New Casino Games

Casino games continually grow and infiltrate into all the best casino sites of the market. For a player to keep up with the new games being released all the time, it can almost be impossible. All the largest software developers release new games every month or week, so all of these developers together can give you quite the list!

It also is not just about the separate games themselves that can be overwhelming, it is the different bonus features and game themes that can be completely unique and foreign to what avid players are used to. Slot games, for example, are one of the favourites within the casino world and always come out in multiple numbers too, meaning you definitely need some guidance and direction to what games you should tackle next, right?

So, with everything mentioned, we will organize and rank the best new casino games that are currently hitting up a storm within the gambling community across new online casino sites. The big casino software developers that we always suggest players look out for when they play new slot games and new general classical casino games are Play’n GO, Blueprint Gaming, Microgaming, Red Tiger Gaming, Quckspin, Pragmatic Play and many, many more!

This list of games was not purely made from checking out the latest release and collating them into this article, we wanted to give you the complete low-down on everything technical about these slot games and ensure that you see the full spectrum of the picture in the process. We play the games and we give you a fully honest opinion of whether or not these games deserve your time, effort, and attention.

1. Kanga Cash 

This game leads you out into the open of the Australian outback, giving you access to all things that we love about Australia-kangaroos! The aim of the game is to play the slot game and aim to get winning combinations that feature the star of this new casino slot game. Just like any other slot game in principle, yet with so much more to offer than just generic basic symbols.

This is a great slot game to start off with if you are a beginner to playing slot games. With a simple reel set-up and pay lines that you can get your head round in terms of numbers, you are very much good to go by playing this game!

2. Hot Chilli 

This game is very engaging and one of the games from Pragmatic play that received a large amount of attention within the gambling community. What you find is that the game theme is based on a Chinese food theme that brings the heat of the kitchen to your game screen. A game that really does make something you never would find contemplate as being enjoyable (like Chinese food), and it brings it to you in a very simplistic way.

So that players from all kinds of playing backgrounds can enjoy this game without too much experience necessary. There is also a very generous jackpot, should you be the one that manages to successfully trigger it for themselves, so definitely try this game out on one of our reputable casinos that cater to this game, such as Bet365 or 888casino!

3. Money Train 

Money Train is a game that has hit a storm within Leo Vegas online casino! The reels take you back during the cowboy and wild west era, where you were expected to draw and fire off enemies. This game brings all that authenticity to your corner and reels, with a perfectly setted backdrop of a wild west vibe village. Without a doubt this game and its features will keep you entertained for hours. Being that you only need a minimum of 0.1 coins to start playing, we would say that it is a perfect slot game setting to jump into an adventure like this! With a 20,000 times wager jackpot prize at stake-where do we sign up?

4. Mystic Wheel 

Red Tiger Gaming has always had its best foot forward when it comes to creating games that players will enjoy. This new slot game is not featured on as many new slot sites yet, but we predict that it is about too. The game theme itself takes much of its inspiration from Celtic culture, meaning it is not your average everyday slot. The symbols are very authentic to Celtic symbols and art from the previous ages, making us really enjoy this game that much more!

Although it is not a huge moneymaker as other options within this list, the maximum jackpot is still 10,000 times your wager! The slots sites list that we cater to have all been updated with some of the newest games such as Mystic wheel within their gaming cataloge.

5. Rise of Dead

The first series of the Book of dead generated much appeal and hype for many months and years after its release-up until today it still classifies as one of the most played games of the slot gaming community! Well, now arrives the latest addition and sequel called Rise of Dead. This game contains all the same and similar principles as demonstrated by Play’n Go’s first game of the series, however, now there are more revolutionized graphic designs and an even bigger payout that could end up in your casino wallet-if you are lucky enough of course!

6. King Spin Deluxe 

A game that originates from the king of all casino game categories Blueprint Gaming, you will find that this game is very simplistic and reminisces players back to the days where classic slots and their generic composition was all the rage for casino games. This game does come at a step up, with a progressive jackpot that pays handsomely, should you be the one to trigger it in your momentum of playing. Simple slots always engage the most players as authenticity always wins. Anyone can pick it up and really benefit a gaming session or two out of it!

7. Pirates Plenty 

This game as you probably understood from the tite, brings together the world of treasure and treasure hunters that are pirates. Again, another Red Tiger Gaming option, you will find this game highly motivating while you play. The game theme and symbols that mark treasure and treasure maps fits the bill completely and you feel completely immersed within the game’s story.

Being that it is a sequel (technically) of the Sunken Treasures game, this game features the high money value symbols from the previous game, such as the Monkey Wild. Therefore definitely be on the lookout for the bonus features that will pop out onto your reels without any warning!

8. The Sword Grail 

This game that we have suggested, definitely in terms of graphics is the best finished. The game is set within Arthurian legend, where swords and knights amongst castles was a thing. Of course the game is set within Camelot, the famous castle, where it is your responsibility to maintain your castle and defend from foes that seek to undermine everything that has been built under your rule!

This game is available to play via autoplay and manual, however players have found autoplay to run very smoothly-especially if you set your betting settings as a standard constant. You will comfortably play and be able to seek out a jackpot prize that can reach up to a total of 10,000! Definitely live out the legend that has been made possible by Play’n Go’s magical creation.

9. Cop the Lot

This game brings law enforcement to empower your online casino slot gaming! The theme set up, is very much a classical scenario, where you the police officer needs to reprimand the thieves that seek to challenge you and your authority. The bonus rounds that appear within your gaming sessions are the ones that you need to look out for. These will make high value symbols such as wilds and scatters, really spice up your reels. Every winning combination you make is you being one step closer to winning the bad guys!

The design itself is very playful and fun, including cartoon characters and a very fresh take on the classical cartoons of the nineties and noughties-with less blur and more seamless graphics of course! Play this game to win a chance of getting 10,000 times your original wager as a winning game jackpot. You stop the looting and the cash is yours to keep for the win…

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The casino games that are possibly available to you can be found within our lists of casinos on our site. You will find that not only will you have access first hand to the new games that they have to offer, but also you will be able to access some great bonus schemes and promotional offers to contribute and add to your gaming.

There is nothing better than being able to play with real money, only to benefit your wallet even further, from the money that was never yours, to begin with!

Want tips to play slot games better?

If you are looking to play slots better, look no further than the advice that we are about to give you. You will find that our tips for slot machine gaming, will give you the complete background knowledge that you will need to support your beginner gaming all the way into a more proficient execution! 

The tips are very current to the most modern of slot games today and are still relevant to the oldest and more antique classical slots that can be found at land based casinos and pubs! All the latest tips and more found within our guides section-to make every player find possibilities within their pending gaming adventure.



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