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Welcome to our review and recommendation of the best slot games to play in the UK. Within our feature, you will find mention of the highest RTP slots with the best payout for your wallets in the long term. Expect to see the famous Starburst RTP feature in our article-because why wouldn’t we? We know the best slots when we see them, and we want to share the top slots secrets that are not so spoken about. Find all the latest with yours truly, Casinosites!

Current Highest RTP Slots Online

Within this review, we will answer all the most basic questions from scratch and build up from there. You will understand the full terms of what top slots with a high RTP actually mean; the difference between high and low volatility within slot games and a general overview of progressive jackpots and their RTP within the slots game culture. We hope this will be a good learning curve for yourself and some good strategic growth for your casino gaming habits.

We did all the hard work for you. It often goes around within the gambling community about what are the best online slots and the highest RTP slots. With so many titles, we can understand how it is difficult to make your choice and selection. We are sure you have most definitely heard, seen and possibly even played these titles before, so it would be good to rid you of all the confusion that comes with slots games you play. With each title that we recommend, we will overview the games summary and game genre, alongside with its RTP values for you to make an informed decision on whether or not this game deserves your attention.

What is RTP?

RTP is the return to player percentage that a player should expect to receive by playing a certain slot game online. It will define to a player how much they are expected to receive in the long term of playing the game. This percentage is taken by a pool of players that played the same game over a set period of time online. Therefore, it isn’t necessarily a representation of a onetime gameplay percentage at all.

You will definitely need to account for that and not make your decisions solely on the return to player percentage only. If you are wondering where you can find the return to player percentage within a game, it is usually located within the description of a game upon entering the casino site. We definitely would recommend you read the reviews that we provide separately for the games mentioned within our guide. You will find it helps also with making your decision on which game to actually go to play for real money, but also with real-life experience and reviews of a game-you get to see all the angles of the game beyond its return to player percentage.

Slot volatility

Slot volatility represents initially the risk of the game before entering and using it. There is a correlation also with the highest RTP slots and the lower the risk and volatility overall. The value of risk significantly decreases when the return to player is above the value of 95%, meaning definitely keep the value in mind, to make your judgment on the risk at stake every time you play the best online slots out there.

Also, slots with high volatility will be slots that do not necessarily pay out well in the process of your gaming. It is much higher to attain a payout, yet when you actually get a chance of a payout-it will be significantly high for you and your wallet. The low volatility slots, on the other hand, are completely opposite, meaning you will be entitled to more payouts on frequent occasions, yet you will be subjected to lower payouts within the process of it. So, if you have a goal of real money that you want to achieve on the top slots, you will have to work harder within the process of it all. It is up to you to decide what the best decision is for your casino gaming strategies.

Progressive slots have a lower RTP?

Often progressive slots are seen to be associated with big payouts, right? You will hear it on the news, where a player magically attained a winning jackpot of millions and therefore their lives have dramatically changed overnight. Yet progressive jackpots will always have lower return to players than other slot games. Why? Well, this is pretty much due to the large payout that a player can randomly occur-the top slots developer will then need to put money aside to ensure that they can gather a pool of money to payout this large amount that the progressive jackpot will give to players. For that reason, you will find that the return to player will then be reduced to ensure that the money can be safely stashed away!

So, if you want to play the highest RTP slots then progressive slots are not the go-to option for you to select. It will all come down to you as a player and what your goals are when playing online. If you want a serious chance at having a progressive jackpot win, then you might still keep playing in the hope of being the random lucky winner. However, if you prefer old school low volatility and easy payout best slots online, definitely keep reading on to find out the possible titles you may be missing out on!

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is a very famous and well known progressive jackpot online. Having records of over £13 million cash payouts to its players, it’s definitely generated a buzz online for all those players who wish to play and who have played. However, this game is considerably on the low side for its return to player percentage at 88%. Yet if you recall earlier within the text, it is highly normal for game developers to reduce the return to player to accommodate for the high pool of money that needs to be given to players upon the triggering of the jackpot.

Rainbow Riches

This game has received much hype in the recent years since its release, for its fun storyline and game interface. Players can expect a top-quality game that will cater to their every gambling needs, regardless if it’s you having a larger bankroll then most people, the number of pay lines and the maximum bets will definitely be enough… Also, did we happen to mention that the slot game has a 98% return to player? Yeah considerably higher than other slots, this definitely deserves you to pay it a visit, via our top slots sites that we recommend!

Gonzo’s Quest

Gonzo’s Quest is a slot game that takes you down the historical route and history of Peru. This slot is based on a true story, of the Spanish conquistador who pillaged and made chaos within surrounding villages and settlements all with the higher aim of attaining access to the lost city of treasure and dreams, El Dorado. The question is when playing this game is, will you end up finding your treasure in the quest of the best payout top slots? We think so..that’s for sure and with s 96% return to player, you really cannot complain about the figures presented by the software developers!

Kitty Glitter

Perhaps a cheesy name for a title, this game gained its popularity through its obnoxious themes and graphical presentation. A game made strictly for crazy cat lovers, you will find plenty of special features that will keep you busy and entertained within your gaming journey. Make sure also that you are comfortable with a game with high volatility, meaning it’s a high-risk game with a smaller chance of payouts. Definitely keep at it though if you decide to stick around and play this game because with a return to player of 94.5%, this definitely made some lucky winners in the long term!


Starburst RTP has been the talk of many within the gambling community. Many gamers enjoy the simplicity of the game setup, with its galactic special features and wild cards that push you closer to making dreamy jackpots, we are not surprised that the game itself is at a high 96.1%. starburst RTP is, however, a medium volatility game, meaning you are somewhere in between a high payout and low payout-medium payout would fare better in terminology, right?

We do recommend that you put this next on your next best online slots list, as the majority of players always review this game to be a highly entertaining one and not just a game that provides the highest RTP slots best payouts. It is always refreshing to ensure that your gaming is not just about attaining good money-but that you enjoy it as well!


A game based in ancient Egyptian times, this game definitely is worth your time if you like the old slots vibrancy game (reds and golds) mixed with a graphical advancement and evolution. There is a reason that this game appeared as the most searched game within the UK. It is due to its originality and exciting theme, but we do like to the admit that the 96.8% return to player most definitely had a part to play, as to why it is so popular within the gambling community to play. You can find IGT’s Cleopatra slot in all our top casino sites that we recommend. All you need to go along with your best payouts, is a casino site that provides to you also, the best casino bonuses, too right? So, you can spend much longer basking in this game's greatness and make real money within the process!

Rich Wilde & The Book of Dead

This game follows a very similar theme to the slot game Cleopatra game, meaning if you liked that or loved it, this definitely should be your next go-to. With a 96.2% return to player and A high volatility, you can expect this game will provide to you a harder than most slot games payout, yet when you do manage to get one, we can promise you that it will be a very reasonable size and possibly the biggest you will have for a while. The maximum win on this game is over £250,000, meaning no time is like the present-you need to definitely get started and play today!

Double Bubble

A medium variance/volatility game, this will most definitely keep you on your toes as you play. With a massive maximum win of £200,000, why should you not chance playing this? It definitely has a really cool vibrancy about it, one that has a 96.2% return to player within the process of your gaming. The question is will you take it up to the challenge? With a medium variance, you know you are in between a good series of less frequent players and more frequent but smaller payouts. If you have been stuck on games that are relatively low volatility, try this game as a step forward above and to challenge yourself!

Twins Spin

A game which has a very similar RTP to the preceding variants, it has been said online within the gambling community, that the original has paid out much better than the other versions of this game. So, we know what you should think that's for sure. You need to definitely stick to this game above the later versions that were released. It will make sure that you are given much more money in your winnings for the long term….

Thunderstruck II

This slots popularity rose since being created in honour of the film culture Thor. Although this game is the second in the sequel, it extends in its credibility for quality and the best payouts in the online slots world. With a return to player of 96.7%, that definitely is one of the highest in our selections of games. Therefore, definitely check out this game if you want to make some money, or head over to the original for a payout and return to player of over 99%!

How to choose the Best slots to play

So, with everything we have elaborated on in terms of slots, volatility and the return to player-it’s your call now to decide what kind of slots you want to play within your gaming career at a new casino. Having a relatively high return to player in your slot game choices is not a necessary choice as it doesn’t represent a onetime measure of playing-it’s the pooled number of players and their money wins over a certain period of time.

Therefore, the percentage will give you a good idea if you get in habit of playing it frequently. In the long term, you have a better chance overall to succeed money wise. Some days you will win some and another you will lose and that is a part of the journey when playing the best online slots online.

The best slot games with the best payouts are a question that most slot game players tend to question themselves, so we hope with this article, you have found it possible to come to a conclusion on the next games that you will need to add to your best online slots list that you are compiling mentally to try out! All the games are from highly prestigious software game developers that will ensure your gaming experience is much more beyond making money and that you will actually have fun in the process of playing!

So, we definitely think the mixture of video slot games will help you along your way of making money while you have the best time ever in the process! We have taken the time to review the games further within our game review lists, so definitely check them out if you are torn between making a final choice of games to try out!



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