Casino Table Games With The Lowest House Edge

Casino Table Games With The Lowest House Edge

The game selection at a casino has always intrigued gamblers over the years and with real money involved, it's only natural that casino-goers want to know which games have the lowest house edge. There are many variable options out there and lets just say the options are not greatly different in percentage, however even the slight increment can make a huge change to the quality of your gameplay!

Some games do offer more odds in your favour, however the best casino tables will always give the player a great percentage to work off when they play online casino table games.


Blackjack is one game that everyone looks forward to at casinos. You will find that it's very simple to pick up, with minimal betting rules to understand in comparison to other casino table games. If you execute the game correctly, you will find that the house edge can be decreased incrementally to ensure that you are against some really nice odds. This only can happen to players that know what they are doing when they play the game and are well versed with all the tricks of the trade in the process of gaming.

Within an average game, you will find that the house edge usually is around 2% when playing. Therefore each time you win a round and get the closest to 21, that percentage will increase slowly and can even decrease to as low as 0.5% in the process. This is not by necessarily using top notch blackjack strategy by the way, but rather tricks that are easily picked up by anyone who works hard in knowing how to play blackjack.

Due to being able to get a blackjack house edge as low as 0.5%, you will soon come to find when playing other classical casino games, that blackjack highlights the lowest of house edges when playing. No other game allows you to get it, meaning it's a great place to start if that is something you are considering when playing at casinos.


Baccarat is one of the most elegant games within classical casino gaming. It definitely received a great reputation due to it featuring across many of Hollywood's greatest movies and film culture. For that reason, we do believe that many players that select games are probably inspired by movie culture, to pick games like baccarat for example.

Baccarat however, just like its other casino game derivatives, comes with odds and chance in the way you procure a win when playing. For that reason even the most unskilled of players will showcase a string series of good luck when playing. There are only 3 game outcomes when you play however, a tie, a player wins or the banker wins. 

The casino edge begins at 1%, which is considerably low to start off with. If the player does beat the banker and win, there is a 5% that gets added to the bankers payout to the player-which works in your favour and effort of course! If you happen to lose however and win the banker, there will be a 1.25%, yet there is no commission imposed on the wagers following the procedure.


The final game within the series of lowest house edge, this game is not one of the most hyped about classical casino games, we will say that. Roulette, Blackjack and Poker always come first in favour before this game. However, within this game, you are able to decrease the house edge from 5% to 1.25% if you manage to execute your gaming correctly and professionally! That is definitely a considerable jump when coming to think about it, right?

Craps offers the best odds and thrilling and exciting gameplay. There is something many players do not look into.. Some bets within the betting system actually come out at 0% house edge, meaning the casino will have no advantage over the bets that you make within this game!

The kind of bets that include this are the ‘ODDS side bet’ or the ‘PASS and DON'T PASS’ bets. It is a very popular betting system for that reason and therefore we highly recommend that you check it out if you are thinking of starting a new casino game in the process of your adventure.

The casinos online that cater this game do allow a 100x odds betting potential, meaning if you are lucky, you could be in for some serious wins in the process of playing this game!



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