10 Tips For Slot Machines Online

10 Tips For Slot Machines Gaming

Slot machine games are one of the biggest crazes at the best casino sites. You will find that this traditional form of gaming has been around for a very long time since the arrival of the first slot machines within pubs and casinos within the 1960s. However, since their evolution over the years, you will find that these games have become far more advanced with a less generic design as showcased within classical casino games.

Due to their developments and design changes, they are the games of the moment within casinos and everyone wants to know how to win slot games with the best payout available as possible. Therefore, we saw an opportunity of developing a guide on the methods of improving your gameplay within slot machines, to significantly improve your execution of the game!

Play your bets with higher multiples

Often players always wonder what the best bets are to start off with when you play online slot machines. Many often select the lower bets being that they can manage to stake across more paylines. However, many players do not know that the higher the bet you initially put in, the larger the rewards could be if you hit the payout of the game. Even if it is as little as increasing your bets from £1 to £2, the winning combinations would weigh in at a larger scale. 

Maximum betting 

To receive a maximum payout from your online casino slots, you will be expected of course to place maximum bets too. However, the downfall to this method is, if you bet the maximum allowed within a slot game, that can exceed anything past £500 to £1000. Not all slot machine gamers will be able to cater to a bank roll like that, and therefore only a select few. Also not many people are comfortable in the risk of losing such large amounts in one go of playing the game. Usually players like to play a series of games from a bank roll that large and spread the betting costs out significantly. 

Lower odds are prevalent in more complex games

Often with slot games that increase in their paylines (yes some exist in the thousands!), you will find that they become more difficult to play for payouts. The more symbols, reels and other slot additional features there are, you will find that the odds and RTP will reduce slightly. This would therefore suggest that going for classical slots would be the best way about it, right? Not exactly. Some games that possess more reels and paylines, will still have a simplistic game feature set out, with less bonus rounds for example. Therefore it cannot be classified via a straight and simple rule. It's a generalised and subjective idea. 

Higher odds in games such as classical 3-reel slots would entail in players actually winning less money per payout, as these games are considered of lower variance. More on this, further on within this guide. 

Do not go all in without playing free play or free spins 

If you do not use the free play demo option available within online casino slot machines, thank quite frankly-you are fooling yourself! Players often find that when they utilise the free play option for the slot machine games that intrigue them, they gain an understanding of the game rules on a much further and deeper level than simply reading the game rules. Nothing can provide you the education more than giving the game a go-without any risks!

Another option that you can try, includes the use of free spins in a no deposit bonus or any other deposit welcome bonus package. The free spins will allow you to essentially have a free turn playing on slot machines, with the chance of winning real money! This is where it differs significantly from just using free play. You are at no risk when playing with free spins, yet still have all the more to gain in the process. Using this feature really does help players gauge a casino slot game AND make some real money winnings in the process!

There is not a timer for payouts 

Within slot games you will find that players often go about their gameplay by supposing that they are ‘due’ a payment within their game routine. However, this is not the case. Slot machines operate on a completely random function due to the RNG
(Random Number Generator), meaning you cannot expect a payment to be due, just because you have not scored a win within a longer period of time that you have been playing it. 

It is a rumour that goes around within online casino community forums and between players-we guarantee you that they are wrong unfortunately….

Do not forget to play with coins 

Using coins within your gameplay is a very good way of activating all your paylines within your gameplay. Often if you select coins of a smaller value, you will be able to place stakes across the slot reels. It's a quality of gaming that many players do not use and they often go by playing with a pound bet within one single payline. Spread the cost out by using coins and get the most for your bank roll! It is better to have a full max bet in terms of paylines, rather than to just roll with one alone in the process. A great way to imagine it is, if you bet 20/20 paylines in comparison of staking 1/20 paylines-the likelihood is larger for sure. 

Variance on slot machines is everything 

So, by playing slot machines that pay out more often than other slot games, is a lower variance (as mentioned above). However, some slot machines will actually exist with higher variances and therefore ultimately have a ridgid payout and give players a smaller rate of pay possibilities. The catch with higher variance slot machines, is that the slot games of higher variance will payout significantly more than the slot machines that are of lower variance and pay frequently. If you hit the jackpot in higher variance games, you could be walking away with some great cash winnings!

Unfortunately this is something you cannot really gauge within your gaming experience and therefore, you will not be able to guess or make a prediction of the next payment, due to it being completely random. It is just a general behavior of certain slot machines that players should know when they play online.

Play games with a higher RTP

When playing slot games, it makes sense to select a game that has a behaviour of paying up more than other slot games. Slot machines and their software developers will always list the return to player percentage, to tell players how well a payout can be expected from an online slots machine. When you play online casinos you will find that some slot machines, therefore, will be displayed with lower RTP rates, so technically if you want to win back what you wager and more, the best chance is by selecting games with a larger RTP. This of course is not an actual statistical rule and therefore players can't take this as a be-all and end-all. 

Progressive jackpots have lower RTP’s

Progressive jackpots are a bit of an exception to select slot machine games for their RTP values, as all progressive jackpot slot machines will always have a lower RTP value. This is due to the stake added from players, to the contributing money pot of the game. This immediately means that the RTP will need to be lowered in the process and therefore it will appear below the average RTP mark of 95%.

Although the chance of winning the progressive jackpot is pretty slim, everyone has a fair chance by putting a stake within the entree of the game itself-it could be your lucky day?

Know when to stop playing 

So this may seem a very simple approach, however, players should know that a limit needs to be set for themselves before they even start to play slot games. When you play slot games, it can be easy to get carried away and gamble more into your bankroll than you anticipated. Always set a limit of what you are willing to eat up in, in terms of your cash flow and stop immediately when you hit it. It is not always about making the winning amounts, as it's also about ensuring that you secure a good time and gaming experience too. Trying to find the balance is key for any casino game variant and not just slot games.



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