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casino live chat support

Customer service support for online gamblers is very important indeed. New players will always look for assistance, as they are getting used to a new system and ways of gaming. Everyone is different and not all will be used to the casino facilities and services provided online. This is especially the case with the older generation that are adapting from regular land based casino usage, to the online casino world. The technology can take a while to pick up and command.

The live chat feature is highly useful and efficient, as it enables you to get in touch with a member of the casino support team pretty much instantly, from the moment you enter the function. Some casinos sadly will not always have access to this feature, and this actually will reflect that casino's facilities and its capabilities very easily. 

Players should not overlook a live chat function and what it contributes to your success. Did you know that some key bonuses such as no deposit bonuses for example, can only be claimed by initiating it from the live chat feature. Some casinos accept players going forward and asking for the casino agents to initiate bonuses to your account and therefore it is not always possible just from the registering/sign up process. So, the live chat casino feature may be imperative for your success! Below is a summary of the advantages and disadvantages to this use of customer support and service.

The chat service is often (varying from casino to casino) a service provided for 24/7. Usually when casinos are based in more than one region, they do provide a larger access to the live chat casino feature. Even some casinos that operate in just the UK for example, can also provide a 24/7 service. It will all depend on the command of resources, staff etc that the casino has to hand. Yet, to think that you have an almost instant reply for your enquiries, seven days a week, is definitely not a bad thing at all.

If perhaps you find that the casino does not operate its live chat function for a 24/7 period, you may leave a message when the service is offline, and it will be immediately checked when the service is online, up and running or via email. Most casinos will also provide a time range that you should expect a reply if your enquiry has been referred to an email response.

The great thing about the live chat option, is that you can minimise it at the bottom of your browser and continue playing or browsing while you are awaiting a response. It is completely integrated into your whole gaming experience and definitely should not disrupt you while you play. Whenever the chat has a new message, the feature will operate with notifications, pings and vibrations to alert your attention for a response. It can sometimes take longer than usual for a response, when you issue an enquiry during peak playing times.

The best live chat options will always feature a series of security questions, to ensure that you are in fact the account holder in question. You will need to carry out and answer all the questions correctly, to be able to make any changes or additions to your account. You may be transferred to certain specialists that have better experience and understanding of how to handle the matter. Therefore it is essential to ensure that you are polite with all the customer service agents that you come across. It may be infuriating to be transferred from one person to another, when the issue may not be your fault at all – just remember to be patient, as they are trying to help you in the end! It will never help you to infuriate the customer service agent, who is trying to solve the problem and you may find yourself lengthening the process entirely. Some casino agents will not tolerate any misbehavior or impoliteness, so keep it in mind. If however you do find that you are being very polite and the conversation is not going in the direction you would hope, opt for asking to speak to the service manager for that time. That should quicken the results that you require.

The great thing about casino live chat features is that they will operate in multiple languages and therefore you can get help regardless if you do not speak the local language of the casino and region. Casinos that opt for this feature are very good in ensuring that they are really providing for their customers regardless of the language they speak etc, – they all deserve the same care and attention.

The live chat feature will also give players the option to add file attachments to their conversations, meaning if you wish to prove transactions or general emails from previous conversations with site agents, this is the ideal opportunity to do that and much quicker than forming an email. The response time for live chats are much quicker and more efficient with replies never usually exceeding 10 minutes. Yet on the other hand, email enquiries will take up to 24 hours, if not more! This method will really help players cut round corners and get a quicker response time overall. All chats will be saved and you can always refer back to them, should you need them in the near future.

Should the casino have times of operation for their live chat service (meaning it is not 24/7), you will need to check the contact page, to know when the live chat actually operates. Be wary of the different time locations that the casino will feature within its pages and make sure you revolve your gambling enquiries around that operational time.

Alternative methods

There are other options that players can opt for, if the live chat option does not work out for yourself. Many casinos will provide a hotline procedure, that you can choose to ring and speak directly to a casino agent themselves on all the issues affecting your playing experience. This option can be favoured by some and hated by others, as it does not operate freely like an online chat function does. This option will cost you, depending on how you are calling and where from. The standard charging rates will be published on the casino contact page, so make sure to take note of what the casino is operating at. 

Other methods of contact, besides the live chat feature and hotline, include email, as we briefly mentioned previously. This option guarantees players a formal composure of their message, alongside the option of including any attachments that the player should want to hurry along their enquiries. This option although very formal and useful, is not quick or nearly as efficient as the chat feature. Conversations may get lost through the different casino site agents that reply, making it more complicated for you, as you will need to keep explaining yourself for the 24 hours it takes each time the agents to respond to your enquiry.  

There are usually a list of frequently asked questions set within a forum, so the gambling community can possibly answer the queries you have, or the answers will be found from the question and answers themselves. These usually are very simple representations of problems and never usually go too deep into detail to the extent of the issues, meaning the more complex your casino query is, the less likely you will get a straight answer from them. Also the inevitable answer to most of the questions, is to seek further help from casino site agents and therefore you find yourself wasting more time, going from one place to another on the casino site. Not the most efficient of methods we'll say.

Live chat features are definitely the most go-to casino support service option these days. It gives players a quick and efficient response to the issues they are facing and minimises the overall effort and wasted time that other options involve. The procedure will not involve you talking to more than one person, and therefore you will find yourself not repeatedly explaining yourself over and over to get the response you want. That often seems to be the headache and issue with most email forms on casinos. Players will always give up, due to feeling they cannot be bothered to keep explaining themselves continuously to different people. It really is like you are banging your head on the wall with no prevail – especially when your issues are big ones that need immediate attention. 

Make sure before you opt for any casino experience, you are clear of the terms and conditions that are attached to your account and any bonuses that you may have taken. Live chat casino agents often get annoyed at how little players do their research on information that already exists on the casino's pages. Use your initiative and if all else fails, the casino has your back!

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