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top slots with bonus games

Bonus rounds are one of the many reasons why people love to play with online slot games. Some of the best online slot games give an exciting gaming experience to UK players and satisfy the possibilities of winning big at online casinos.

There are many slots with bonus games available online to choose from, therefore selecting just one option can be very hard indeed. However, some do stand out from the rest and therefore will be considered in our casino slots with bonus games recommendations. We thought to list the best games with bonuses that you can add to your list of games to play for real money at an online casino. Read on to find out all the latest on the best bonus slots.

Pages that bring together the top slots with bonus games are not that easily found across the internet and therefore you find that in the UK, many players only dream of being given all the answers straight to their door, rather than spending so much time on finding the best titles around through direct personal research. Luckily for you, we have created this list for all the slot lovers out there that need to be satisfied in their search for slots with big bonus selections!

We have brought together different slots with bonus games and different genres, so you can see the entire spectrum of online bonus slots out there. Graphics and incentives may vary, so make sure you have a thorough reading session to know what to prepare for when you opt for your best bonus slot games from our list. Do not forget to check out our top slot site options too for 2020, that have all the top slots with bonus games!

The free casino slots with bonus games that we are about to list for you are featured down below, with an introduction and overview of the kind of titles you will be playing if you happen to opt for it for 2020. Look down below for more insight.

  1. Rocky: An online slot for boxing lovers
  2. Pink Panther: a gaming title that features 5 different bonus games to play on.
  3. The Dark Knight Rises: Microgaming's successful release with bonus options that include everything from multipliers to a bonus round called ‘Symbol Scramble'.
  4. Guns and Roses: bonus features for all music lovers out there.
  5. Pharaoh's Fortune: The bonus features are in the title, expect Egyptian treasures that trigger you a fortune!
  6. Jurassic Park: An online slot that needs no introduction. Be prepared to scream at all the dinosaurs you are about to play with.
  7. Family Guy: A classical after 9 TV show that holds a Spins Bonus feature, to give you the biggest of wins in your gaming experience.
  8. Avalon II: Bonus rounds in this title can give you 15 times more than what you originally staked on your pay lines.
  9. Mega Moolah: One of the highest paying slots of the online slots history, therefore this justifies it enough to include it within our list.
  10. Planet of the Apes: Expect to play with free spins, multipliers, and free bonus gaming features.

The Best Slots Bonus Games List

Rocky by Playtech- RTP of 95.02%

The first of our choices and slots with bonus games series, this online slot is made by the legendary software providers Playtech. Based on the much-loved movie series, fans will find this game comes with a nice authentic feel to the movie, yet still is one of the many slots with the best bonuses available to play with. In total there are 3 bonus features to look out for.

rocky slot bonus game

The main show is, of course, the Rocky feature that can give you 5 times your initial wager within the gaming title, just as long as you spell out the term ‘Rocky' with the symbols in the reel. This is one of the many free gaming options and free bonus chances you have when playing. To trigger other winnings, make sure to land the multipliers integrated into the gameplay alongside 3 to 5 scatter symbols.

The best of the free bonus games in Rocky is the knockout round, which of course seems very fitting in the title and the game theme. This feature can be brought to life within your gaming, by landing a glove symbol on the reels 1 or 5. You will instantly find Rocky ready to take out an opponent within the ring and that is represented by actual movie footage integrated into your gameplay.

A very nice touch indeed. Rocky fans should definitely not miss out on this online slot bonus packed gaming title.

Pink Panther by Playtech- RTP of 95.39%

Pink Panther brings to you an impressive 5 bonus games slot features within your casino experience. You will also find access to additional progressive jackpot features that exist too when you play, meaning bonus features are everywhere in this title to play with. Unlike other slot machines in this list, the bonus rounds are triggered by playing randomly and are not related to any special bonus features within the gaming title itself.

pink panther slot bonus game

If you happen to trigger the bonus ‘Crack the Pink Code', you will be awarded free slots games bonuses which included free spins, multipliers, and expanding wilds to play. There is also a wheel to add to your list of free slot bonuses within the slot.

Spin the wheel and land with possible immediate cash prizes and further multipliers to mix up your reels in your slot machine. You can choose to collect the prizes or opt to gamble in the hope of a larger prize next time.

The progressive jackpot exists in two forms and if you land the ‘Jackpot Adventure' feature, you will be able to opt for which of the two jackpots that you wish to bag for free. Pick wisely and try to win as many of the best bonuses that this game provides.

The Dark Knight Rises by Microgaming- RTP of 96.43%

As you suspect, this slot really does give you the action that you would expect from any slot games title based around a movie. The best casinos online always hype and rave about this slot, and believe us when we say that the hype has nowhere near died down. Besides the quality and seamless graphic presented (which is expected of the best casino slot games), the bonus features come in four varieties.

dark knight rises bonus game

The first of the bonus games in this title include the Batman and Bane free spins battle. If you win as Batman, you will then be awarded further bonuses that entail free spins, multipliers, and the symbol scramble feature, that can shake up your reel dramatically. This will be in your favour, however, as the slot reels will try and rearrange to the best winning possibility for you the player.

Guns N' Roses by NetEnt -RTP of 96.98%

All Guns and Roses fans were delighted when this slot came to be released. Guns and Roses have made an impeccable impact on the music culture of the world and players can have a slot that incorporates al the best songs in one gaming platform!

guns n roses slot game

The free bonus games slots feature in this starts with the bonus wheel, that is triggered by landing the LP symbols in either reels 1,3, and 5. Of course, all would be a plus as then you will be able to have three times as many rounds on the wheel! Other rounds to look out for, include the Encore free spins feature, which gives you 10 free spins in total to use to maximize your real money winnings from.

In addition to this, it is not often to find slot games with bonus varieties like this. There are also the randomly triggered bonus features such as the ‘Destruction Wild' which ultimately can overlay your reels in the shape of a cross, bringing many multipliers, free spins, and additional bonuses your way in less than a second!

With the best of the band's music blasting out as you play, it is definitely a feel-good slot that you should not miss out from your ‘to play list'. Not too bad for our free slots with bonus options we have for you, right?

Pharaoh's Fortune by IGT- RTP of 96.53%

IGT has many popular Egyptian themed slots to pick from, that we know of. Yet this title is a timeless option to play with and we guarantee that it will never be forgotten in the lists of the best online casinos. This slot title is of an average reel set up, meaning you will play with a 5-reel and 3-row body.

Pharaoh's Fortune bonus game

At 15 pay lines, it does put it on the small side for ways to win, yet you will be really thankful for this down the line-why? The Pharaohs Fortune special feature unlocks an extra 5 pay lines to play with, meaning you will be able to boost your winning potential at the biggest time when the bonus round is activated!

The main bonus is activated when you manage to get 3 Pharaoh symbols on your reel and pay line. This will then immediately reveal free spins and multipliers to shake your reels up a little bit when you play of course. This feature will keep occurring until the start bonus block is hit and then essentially restarts your gaming all over again, without actually restarting anything.

You are guaranteed a win should you happen to land on this free spins feature, so rejoice when you see it. The amount is random, but anything is better than nothing right?

Jurassic Park by Microgaming- RTP of 96.67%

The game that immediately brings us to reminisce about the early days and release of the movie in the '90s. This game was an instant hit upon its release. Not only does it bring along great storyline themes (obviously), but it also has great free casino slots bonuses to add to that list of qualities.

jurassic park slot bonus round

There are five different free spins bonuses that you can unlock when you play. One being from wild reels of the T-rex symbol. 12 instant free spins are awarded to you from then on. In addition to this, there are Velociraptor symbols that can trigger multipliers on your reels and wild symbols too.

Family Guy by IGT- RTP of 96.05%

The best of free casino slots with bonus potential can bring forward humor too, for that added gaming wow. Family Guy is a slots game with bonus humour all around!

Family guy slot bonus rounds

This game is quirky and full of casino bonus games to keep you chuckling and entertained. In total there are 3 slot bonus games. They first must be triggered by the World Bonus and the 3 bonus rounds will follow shortly after. Games include out drinking the characters in addition to chicken fights, that can allow players to increase their free spins bonuses massively from the fight round between Pit Peter and the chicken.

The 10 free plays are given to you from the Lois Hot free spins bonuses, which essentially allow you to go all-in with a max bet of the casino sites real money. Does not get better than that really, does it? There is also a random bonus feature in the game that can be awarded to you if you are lucky. The Griffen Family bonus, which will shake up your reels quite a bit, with hopes of you getting a winning combination along the way of your gameplay.

Avalon II by Microgaming- RTP of 95.90%

The next round of our slot machine bonus games or slot games with bonus rounds game option is Avalon II. This game is based on the legend of Arthur and a journey through the medieval kingdoms. In waiting for you in the game, there are 8 bonus rounds to play with and look out for.

Each game is triggered randomly and is entirely mystical than any other slots games with bonus rounds. You can find yourself landing free spins with wild multipliers. Meaning the sword of Excalibur will soon enough be yours in good time. If you successfully get Excalibur, you can get 15 times more on your payout than normal. For more cash prizes, you will need to pay close attention to the further game features/ bonus round options.

To get the most out of this game, we would suggest that you opt to play the slots free with bonus options given to you by an online casino site. Slots with deposit bonus options will always give you a decent amount of real money to play with, that is for sure.

By getting a slots sign up bonus or a welcome bonus slots promotion, you can find a variety of free spins promotions or a mixture of both bonus cash and spins. If you are not so keen on playing with a bonus, opt for the free play demo version, where you will be able to witness all the free slot incentives along your gameplay.

Mega Moolah by Microgaming- RTP of 88.12%

Mega Moolah is royalty within the world of online slots. Its status is so special due to the many players that it has blessed with millionaire status over the years. Despite being a progressive network jackpot, this game does have some pretty neat bonus round game additions for you to enjoy. They do not call this game a Guinness World Record for the most gameplays for nothing, do they?

mega moolah bonus game

This is an animal themes slots bonus UK game, that has bright colours and characters, that you are bound to remember forever! The free spin bonus round can be triggered if players happen to land on the monkey scatters within the game. You will then receive 15 bonus spins to do with as you wish, and add to your online casino experience.

Planet of the Apes by NetEnt- RTP of 96.33%

The last mini-review within our best slots with bonus games, this game is a legend. Inspired by the successful movie releases, there are super wicked multipliers available to play with on your reels. You will win a special bonus when you create a winning combination of human and ape symbols combined.

Other things to look out for, include the wild features and multipliers, which will hopefully shake up your reels so well, there will be a handsome bonus at the end of it. In addition to the stacked wilds and dual features, which appear completely at random in your gameplay, so watch out!

This concludes our selection of free casino games with bonuses list, make sure to check out our separate game reviews of each of these titles that we provide within our site. You will that there are many more slots with bonus rounds that we may have not included, our compiled list of reviews can be used if you perhaps need further guidance on what to select!

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