The Biggest Misconceptions About Slot Machines

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Slot machines have been around for a really long time. We all remember the days where we used to go to the arcades to get a chance of playing the classical slot machines with our pennies. In addition to this, we always heard the rumours that surround playing slot games, in aid of securing a payout for the times that we decide to play them. All the tricks and hacks are always whispered from one gambling enthusiast to another.

Yet the question is how much of that talk is actually true when it comes to playing? The conspiracy behind slot machines from video slots to actual land based slots is very much widely spoken about. Yet, in this article, we will address all those misconceptions and you can come away from it with hard facts rather than playing with many doubts on your mind!

Slot Games Have Set Payout Times 

This is one of the biggest rumours of all in the slot world. That slot payout is based on certain fixed times and that perhaps by playing at certain times, you will have a better chance of securing a win. However, this could not be more false in the long run. All slot games are operated by a random number generator, so to assume that there is a payment pattern with securing some payouts could not be more wrong.

The random number generator ensures that players will get a payout at different times and of course in the most unexpected of times too. Your luck in securing a payout can be better, if you happen to opt for slot machines that are of a low to medium variance. This will ensure a more frequent payout for yourself. Yet, beware that these kinds of slot machines will have smaller payouts despite them paying winning amounts more often.

There are ‘Hot’ and ‘Cold’ slots

Again, popular whispers across the gambling community are that certain slots will give you more for your money than others. The term hot means that there is more chance of getting more payouts out of a slot than others. That certain slot games are prone to paying out more. This would suggest that the random number generator is non existent and that you can actually expect a win simultaneously in one slot more than others.

Yes, it is true that some slots have higher RTPs (Return To Player percentage) than other slots but that is not a direct correlation to paying out more than other slots. It just means that players theoretically will have more chances securing higher payouts from this slot in particular.

All RTPs are actually measured over a period of time, across certain players and therefore the payout percentage can change up a lot throughout the year. Everything will always be random when playing slot games, nothing can be expected in terms of winning potential, merely attained as a complete surprise! 

Traditional Lever Slots are Better to Play than Button Slots

A superstition that had come to fame from back in Vegas. Players swear that the more classical and old school kind of slot bears better luck than the newer and technical savvy button slot games. They say that the payout in classical slot wins are far more generous and will give you more chances of walking away happy from your gaming experience.

However, one could say this is very false. Classical slots have less bonus features integrated, with just your usual matching combinations giving you that winning advantage. The video slot on the other hand, actually has multiple bonus features that can give you a winning edge that is far greater than any classical retro slot. So this rumour needs to be put to bed unfortunately…

Progressive Slots are Great for Beginners 

Progressive slots are very attractive for the winning amount that they may give to a player, there is no doubt about that. Many often talk about the chance of being the one you manage to trigger the huge jackpot when playing. That is the dream. Beginners always tend to go to progessive jackpots with much confidence and excitement of the payout that could be given to them.

However, the jackpots will include complex features that are way beyond a beginner's abilities; for that reason it is often suggested to try out more simpler games like classic slots, just to get the hang of how to play and the rules behind it. Jackpots these days will incorporate many bonus features and honestly, it can be all too much at once to comprehend!

Free play options are always a godsend though, to get acquainted with the rules and the way the game works overall. Going head on into a slot with all your cash without understanding how the game works could be a very risky strategy indeed. Especially since progressive jackpots always have a lower RTP overall…

There is More to Slots than the RNG

Many people think that the RNG is not the only thing that can determine your winnings. Yes physically there may be some things that we can do to increase our winning potential when we play slot games. Things such as playing with a maximum bet across paylines increases your odds of winning something, yet in reality it will always be the random number generator that will determine your wins and losses.

This is what it will always be about for slot games. The bonus features within your game will always sway your advantage of a win, but the luck of getting access to that within your gameplay, will of course be out of your hands and you just have to sit and hope for the best really…


This article should have summarised how your gaming experience within online slots and land based slots is really just based on the random number generator – and always will be. Everything is determined by random chance and the entire experience of hoping to win by luck, is what you need to remember. Forget the rumours and superstitions. Slot gaming should also be all about the fun at the end of the day too!

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