How Do Online Casinos and Casino Halls Compare?

online casinos vs casino halls

When you decide that you would like to play inside a casino and experience the games they have on offer, you have two choices in front of you. The first is to head to an online casino where you have a convenience factor that nothing else can compare with. The second is to head inside your local casino hall and experience the games in real life, which gives you a social aspect that online gaming cannot provide. What you choose is entirely up to you, but here is a look at each one and what they can offer you across a number of different areas.

Social Gaming

This is something that online gaming is trying to do better, but ultimately no matter what they do, there is nothing better than visiting the real thing and playing alongside other players. A visit to your casino hall, even if it is one alone with no friends or family, gives you the chance to speak and watch others, while playing alongside them on the many gaming tables and machines they have. If you are looking for social gaming then you are much better heading into a casino rather than signing up with the online version.

However, we must say that online casino gaming has become a lot better over recent years. The vast majority of casinos now offer a live casino section where players can head inside and play along with their favourite dealers.

This means instead of watching a computerised roulette wheel spinning when you press bet, you get to see a real life roulette wheel, real life dealer and games at a set time. This offers you exactly the same setup as if you were playing inside a real casino, but all from the comfort of your own home. You won’t be able to talk and watch the other players like you can when you visit a casino, but you can see what is happening and have a real dealer controlling the game.

The live casino sections focused purely on table and card games until recently, which left slot players out and didn’t give them an option. That has now changed, with slot games becoming a part of live casino gaming with selected providers.

The live slot game is a play-along game, with everyone contributing and winning at the same time, which adds a great social aspect to the game. Although you are not directly at the side of someone and talking to them, you are playing the same game, hoping for the same outcome and winning together.

These games that bring people together are seen as something that is there to appease those who want to move from video gaming to slot gaming. When you play an online video game you get a similar sort of feeling as you do when playing these group slot games online. However, of course, the added factor here is that you are playing slots for money and not playing a video game for fun.


If you want the full social side of things then you will have to visit a casino. However, if you don’t mind missing out on interaction with other players, and are happy seeing a dealer in play and playing along with other people then online casinos now have a service that can cater for that.

Game Selection

This is an area that probably won’t matter too much to many people providing they have a decent range to choose from. The number of games available at internet casinos and casino halls is very similar, with the gaming machines inside a casino loaded up with a wide range of games.

Of course, when you sign up and play at a casino online, you get their full catalogue available to you. If there was a slight winner here it would have to be the online casino, who may keep more of their older games available for longer than what we see inside casino halls.

Something else to consider is the number of new games you play. When a new game is released, do you want to play it straight away? If you do then you are likely to get it first online, and there could even be an exclusive period for online playing with selected casinos before it is released properly.

The opposite way will more than likely never happen, we won’t have releases inside a casino before they are available online, and casino halls won’t have any kind of exclusive deals in place like online platforms have.


If you want the latest games straight away and want to take advantage of any exclusive deals that are in place then the place for that is online. The good news for those in a casino hall is that their service is often more than enough for players, it is just not as big as what you can get online. That means the vast majority of people will have everything they need from the smaller casino hall service, the additional extras online are just a bonus.

Player Bonuses

This is one area where online casinos have a huge upper hand over playing inside a casino hall. The bonuses and offers for both new and existing players in the best online casinos are very impressive. These allow you to gain bonus funds, free spins, reload offers and much more.

When you go to your local casino, it is unlikely you will get anything, the only types of offers they have are on things such as food and drink. This means no chances for free spins or funds to use on the table games like you would find online.


If you are looking for casino bonuses then online is definitely the place to head to get them. This is an easy win for the online casinos that are out there.

Convenience and Ease of Play

This is another area where an online casino has the upper hand quite comfortably. For most people, a trip to their local casino will involve a drive or public transport to get there. Some people may have to go to a local town or city if they don’t have one in their area.

In contrast, online gaming at casinos could not be any more convenient. You can play on a desktop, download an app to your tablet or phone or play on a mobile browser if you don’t want the app. You need one of these devices with you plus a connection to the internet and you are able to play any game you want.

This whole process could not be any simpler or any more convenient for players and is a big win for online casinos. The rise in mobile gaming has certainly helped players to play when and where they want. Prior to this, those who were playing online were limited to playing on a computer and while this was better than travelling to a local casino, you were still tied down to being sat in the house that the computer. Now you don’t need that, from commuting to work to actually being at work, at a friends house or simply in front of your own TV, you can play your favourite casino games on your phone at the best convenience for you.


Another easy win for casino websites, who offer the most convenient way to game and give you the flexibility to take your gaming with you as long as you have a compatible device and access to the internet.

Overall Experience

This will all depend on how much you rate each one. If your top priority is to experience the social aspect of gaming, either with complete strangers or family and friends then visiting a local casino is the best thing for you to do. Here you can rub shoulders with fellow players, get to know other regulars who go in there and soak up the atmosphere of it all.

The online casinos out there cannot compete with this at all, but in every other area they come out on top. This means the new games come faster, bonuses are available for all types of player and of course, gaming is generally more convenient.

Even if you lived next door to a casino, it wouldn’t be as convenient as sitting on your own sofa and playing.

It is the combination of these things that makes internet casino gaming our winner here, with more going for the customer than traditional casino halls. We still haven’t found a way to bring the casino experience to online players in terms of the social side of things, but everything else is far better when at home.

Perhaps in the future, some form of VR gaming will be able to take us into a casino and give us exactly the same experience that is available, but with the luxury of staying at home. For now, it is things such as live casino games that will have to appease those who want the experience of a real-life casino from the comfort of their own home.




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