Eyecon Releases Playtech Clover Rollover Sequel

playtech clover rollover 2 slot

Eyecon Studio have released a sequel to Playtech’s original Clover Rollover, which was first released in early 2008. This sequel does exhibit similar qualities to the original, in terms of jackpot features etc. However Eyecon have taken up the quality of the game by a notch, including two jackpots integrated within the game. The two jackpots are called the Mega and Maxi jackpots, which continuously build up on the go, to ensure that players are able to achieve frequent winnings, rather than just one occasional one here and there.

Within this new sequel, players can expect new symbols and features to be added to the game, yet some of the old options will still be incorporated, such as the four-leaf-clover, the pot of gold and the bar maid. However, each of the symbols have been jazzed up just a little in terms of quality and the 3D representation of them, to ensure that the experience for players is greater and better overall compared to the last game. It is this attention to detail that makes all the difference to players.

Despite the greater frequency of payouts in terms of the jackpot, players are able to still win big occasionally, when the progressive jackpot actually permits them to. It is just a case of having luck and being there in the right place at the right time. 

The original was really popular within the bingo networks of online casinos and even became one of the most played within the slot networks, often integrated within the bonus promotions and offers that casinos present to players.

So the question that remains of course is, when will this game actually be released? This game will hit the game rooms and newly released features of casinos and bingo sites from 1st October. Eager beavers will not need to wait too long at all – everything will shortly be revealed in due course. Players will need to definitely try out a few sessions of the freeplay demo, as of course, there will be many changes from the original and players cannot expect it to be completely the same overall.

The Commercial Director of Eyecon, Paul Gilbert believes that using and leveraging the assets from an already existing successful game from Playtech will really provide further possibilities in the near future for both Eyecon and Playtech. ‘This is a hugely exciting move’ that will keep customers happy and satisfied for sure. In addition to this, there are further plans to benefit and bring even ‘more entertainment opportunities to the loyal network’ of hardcore players in time. Watch this space.

The Slot Site Manager of Playtech Bingo named James Chambers also decided to comment on the progressions between the slot release. He believes that the release of the first slot brought much hype and excitement, so one can only imagine and think of the future and audience response from part two of Clover Rollover.

Continuing the original game theme into the second sequel was just as important for the Eyecon team. They believe that players will like it far better if aspects of the original were still integrated. In addition to this, the updates of the mechanical operation of the game will deliver attributes that players wish were included – from their previous experience of playing other games on the market. The introduction of new graphics and animations for the sequel really is worth looking in to and admiring for the qualities they bring to our old favorite game.

Clover Rollover hits all major casinos from 1st October, so put it in your calendar folks!

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