Gamesys Surge in Online Gambling Interest

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Gamesys has seen a surge in its gaming revenue and organic growth from September 2019 up until June of this year. Its increase in revenue is believed to be due to the success of the acquisition of JPJ, which had taken place for a total of £490 million.

Growth during this time is estimated to have risen by a total of 27%, meaning this is the largest increase of organic growth to date for Gamesys. The estimated value of revenue in numbers from 2019 to 2020, went from £78 million to £197.4 million. This value is for UK operations only, with Asia rising in 2019 from £51.5 million to £98.9 million in 2020. The numbers say it all, with all major regions of Gamesys' operations highlighting significant organic growth to revenue and operations.

An exception to revenue increase came from the European region. It is estimated that the entire continent of Europe showed a 4% fall in gaming productivity, yet there was a sustainable growth in localities such as Spain. This continued rise is said to be great news, despite the restrictions that Gamesys casinos faced with advertising in Spain. Germany was another great location to implement rises of online gambling; due to Gamesys putting a great push in investing further in customer acquisitions for this region.

Other places in the world such as New Jersey showcased even further and impressive statistics, greater than the UK as a whole, with a 37% revenue surplus for the six month testing period used and measured across all regions.

Gamesys ‘strong branding'

The CEO was extremely happy with the results and did not wait to comment, saying, “it has been very pleasing to oversee another strong half-year performance” as initially the events that occurred around the world initiated worry of how that would affect business, yet despite this there was a successful “revenue doubling, across the year-on year results”.

It is believed by the CEO of Gamesys, that the Gamesys “strong branding and operational control” in addition to ‘technological priority’ is one of the main reasons that the growth was driven within the regional markets as it did. Strong results from the growing markets of Asia and the rest of the world was driven by these priorities of Gamesys.

Gamesys did see a decrease in the assets from December 31st, yet this was labelled as ‘amortisation of the Gamesys intangible assets. Gamesys did claim that the assets did increase by £14.3 million due to a £17.1 million increase in player deposits within sites of interests etc. This is another reason as to why there were such strong results within revenue throughout the 6 months measured time by the company.

Fenton commented that “the heart of growth” was due to the commitment to responsible gambling the entire Gamesys family had, which he believed to be “vital for players during lockdown”. The decision to enhance player protection, through investing new resources and marketing activities all paid off pretty well for Gamesys branding reputation and customer loyalty to the brand overall.

Fenton believes that the current ‘customer base’ is driven by their progressions and for that reason is expected ‘to drive sustainable growth’ for the continuing future. Only more can be expected, with the ‘exciting opportunities ahead’ planned by the Gamesys brand overall.

‘In very good hands'

Executive chair Neil Goulden, mentioned how the ‘first half of financial performance’ made despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, was all due to the ‘dedication of all employees across the group during this period of time’. He maintained that without the dedication of staff, there was ‘no way of being able to deliver a safe and enjoyable experience overall for the customer base’.

From the transitional period of rebranding that Gamesys went through, you will find that Gamesys has integrated the businesses very well since acquisition in 2019, September. The brand is believed to be in “very good hands” as quoted by Goulden. He believes the business to be ‘in very good hands’ and is expecting even more exceptional results for Gamesys upcoming future.

It is said to be believed that the average active players of their slot site games within lockdown, increased to 640,436 players within a 12 month measured period of time. This is an overall rise of 14% from last year. 

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