Microgaming Joins YGAM In the Quest For Safer Gambling

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YGAM is a charity that operates in the quest of educating and reducing the harms of gambling to youths and individuals. It comes as a great development for YGAM that Microgaming, the iGaming giants that they are have officially recognised and engaged with the educational services that YGAM provide. With online gambling increasing in the current climate, this recognition has come at a great time, to deliver educational content and provide any stops to unsustainable gaming during such a chaotic period of time.

Microgaming are currently aiding YGAM in their content creation for educational schemes that they are running across the country on a charity basis. All the webinars that have been shown live were coordinated through the efforts of both Microgaming and YGAM. The presentation involved a series of activities in addition to interactive workshops to get the mission across to all those who attended at the facilities assigned.

YGAM’s reputation has soured massively since its conception. Just recently they celebrated their third year anniversary in their charitable efforts. Microgaming joining was due to the importance of safe gambling to the company. You often find many software developers will provide the games yet offer no guidance on how to play safely. Generally putting the most minimal effort to aid the community in that regard, yet Microgaming has proven to be very different in that respect. Microgaming really admired the efforts of YGAM’s co-founders Lee, Kieth and Ann.

‘Extended and collective reach'

In addition to the creative input that Microgaming put into operating the educational services, they also contributed financially to support the cause and will continue this ongoing relationship far in the future. This mission will most definitely benefit and impact many lives significantly. 

The YGAM team commented on how their project has ‘an extended and collective reach’ across the gambling market, especially the youths involved. Delivering workshops is highly important in this day and age, providing support on the care when gambing is important is especially important now, when online gaming has soared in interest. The workshops to date have received tangible results that have affected many in such a positive way. It is things like this that really drive and spur YGAM on to continue their work massively. Yet nevertheless, the support they receive from organisations like Microgaming are what keep them going and allow them to continue their mission. So it is without doubt that continued interest and support from big corporates like Microgaming is very important for their continued flourishment.

YGAM have multiple collaborations with bodies like GamCare too, another responsible gambling organisation. The two organisations create a programme named the Harm Prevention Programme that reaches out to individuals within the UK, and offers schemes to manage gambling habits that are not sustainable to the individual. This scheme has been extended recently with £10 million funding added to the scheme to support its ongoing conquest across the region. It is expected that the grounds covered by the additional funding could help a total of three million individuals in their gambling awareness and potential gambling threats that come with the consistent habit.

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