Playtech and Bet365 US Partnership

bet365 playtech us partnership

The well-known gambling firm Playtech, has taken its first step within the US gaming market via a collaboration. The lucky long term partner of the gaming tech giants is the established gambling platform Bet365 within the area of New Jersey. Bet365 is an incredibly popular betting choice for the region of New Jersey, making this collaboration a very anticipated one that can bring great opportunities to gamer and software firms.

The new developments of the made deal ensure that Bet365 will showcase the latest and most developed Playtech gaming portfolio, with particular focus to live casino sites, from classical casino games selections and three slot site games in particular, White King, Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven and the Great Blue. With so many prospects to be showcased from the deal itself, it is highly likely that there will be more to come very soon, it is just the first priority to get the first hurdle out of the way for longevity and success.

Bet365 had not long entered the iGaming market within New Jersey, however since it has been conceived and introduced, it has been the considerable go-to option for many gamers for the option of sportsbook gambling and online casino services, due to its perfected portals for customer usage. We understand how Bet365 has a great reputation, and grew to huge popularity within New Jersey within very little time.

A spokesperson for Bet365 declared that the deal moving forward with Playtech was very “exciting”, and to partner with such a great and reputable company in Playtech is guaranteed to further their prospects in the near future as the “expansion of content to the US Market will bring the range and calibre for success, due to Playtech's reputable content.” The partnership will solidify and further both their journeys: Bet365 are looking forward to prospering with Playtech.

The partnership moves forward after Playtech managed to get the approval they needed within the market, making it all very quick and moving at exceptionally impressive momentum. It will come at no surprise that Playtech will not stop there when it comes to creating partnerships; more will come in the next few months and with whom is still not known. Yet, the news of who will partner will be just as exciting nonetheless. The US region is slowly opening its gambling licensing within further areas and localities, so as soon as the rest of the US market begins to open up, it will be of no doubt that Playtech will be there immediately to captilise.

‘Significant moment'

Playtech have also begun their licensing procedures within other US regions. If other deals manage to show themselves along the way, there is no doubt that this strategic manoeuvre should put them in a very good position moving forward to attracting the new deals.

The chief operator of Playtech, Shimon Akad, did want to address how much of a “significant moment” this deal presented in value to Playtech. Being one of the first of many deals with strong holding and value, it gives further confidence that Playtech have much more on the horizon in the coming months. He mentioned how he is “very pleased to be taking this step with one of the most trusted partners” in the game, and it is a kickstart to launching their long career within the US market.

Many new casino titles are expected to launch in the next few weeks. Playtech have many more exciting moments ahead to pursue within the US gambling markets and to procure a legitimate and strong deal such as Bet365, so early on from getting their New Jersey license, really does highlight how they are unstoppable when it comes to development of their software establishment. It also significantly showcases how they really are leading operators within the industry and their commitment to progress will really stop at nothing.

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