The Biggest Jackpot Win at Lucky Casino: One Lucky Individual Goes Home with €14.2 million

Lucky Casino Mega Moolah

A Swedish owned casino called Lucky Casino, has recorded their biggest win in history! The Glitnor Group owned casino that hosts multiple progressive jackpot casino games, has had a Mega Moolah win of €14,239,532.84 by one lucky individual. This win, of course, was through Microgaming’s network, that is linked to multiple casinos across the world. Mega Moolah has consistently been associated with providing the biggest jackpot amounts ever, with the previous largest win at over €13 million. Yet, this is very much a first for the Swedish operated casino.

Previous wins from Mega Moolah have been recorded from 2012, 2014, 2015, 2017 and in the past month's win in 2020, making history!

Like ‘a dream'

The winner who chooses to remain anonymous, never believed that the win was real at first. He thought there was some kind of technical fault and that it was just a mistake. Little did he know that it was very much real and the call from Lucky Casino would confirm everything and make a dream come true.

The winner states how everything still feels like “a dream” and it will be impossible to put into words how much this money will mean to him and change his life. “It will be impossible to understand how much money I have won,” says the winner, and he believes it will be a while until he fully realises it.

For Lucky Casino, it is a historic moment. Not only is it their first jackpot win from their casino, they also have the largest win to date too! This should have great consequences and positive counter effects in terms of increased traffic and interest in their facilities.

Player surge expected

Whenever a casino announces that it's their casino that wins the jackpot, a surge of players come storming through the doors to get a bite and piece of the cake. It definitely is great exposure and coverage for the casino. Martin Sidenvall is ecstatic by the win and to have a fellow Swedish customer take that makes it “everything Lucky Casino can ever dream of”.

The director uses this opportunity as more reason to further the casino gaming experience. Knowing that the jackpot will only spur people on to play with further interest in hopes of them being the next lucky winners! 

The director also added many congratulations to the winner (who wishes to remain unnamed), saying how spectacular it is to win one of the hardest jackpots to secure in the world. Mega Moolah is a large favourite throughout all of Europe, yet to keep things interesting and exciting, Sidenvall promises to add additional progressive jackpot games to the list, so that more people can enjoy the entire experience that comes with a progressive jackpot. 

Director of Games at Microgaming also wished to comment that players who have shown much support to Microgaming over the years will have much more to look forward to in terms of gaming potential. Microgaming plan to release more jackpot games to the list, ones that bring further large jackpots of large winning capacity to the mix.

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