The Most Epic Casino Scenes from Bond Films

casino royale james bond movie

James Bond is a movie series about one of the greatest fictional secret agents within British history. For the past 58 years, you will find that there has been adaptation after adaptation in representation of Bond, the man of the moment. One of the most talked about spies in movie culture, who also has a thing for the ladies, Bond is an undying legend and focus for the glitz and glamour life of today. Many will know how Bond has a reputation for playing at the best casinos in the world and the life that comes with that. All the key movie scenes in Bond movies orbit around the lifestyle of casino culture. 

If you have never noticed how much Bond movies revolved around casinos, then maybe we should walk you through some of the biggest moments within them and the casino storyline that they shared.

Casino Royale 

Starting off with the most recent casino Bond movie, this one has the heart throb Daniel Craig taking the lead as Bond. We could say the entire movie's best action and combat scenes (not forgetting to mention the risque scenes too), were all based within the casino. The key scenes take place in a poker room, where dapper and suited up men all put on their best poker faces to try to win the Texas Hold’em against Le Chiffre, who is in fact the main villain of the movie. Of course, Bond wins the final hand in an all-in show down and straight flush. Could that just be Bond magic? We think so.

Diamonds Are Forever

diamonds are forever james bond 

This movie is one of the all time favourites, featuring the legend Sean Connery as James Bond. Based on yet again, another casino table game, you find that there is a beautiful woman at the side of his shoulder. This time it is not Eva Green, but Plenty O’Toole! 

This casino is in the heart of Vegas, where they are playing the lesser popular casino game Craps. While the game is not one of the most popular of choices, they still evolved the storyline around it very well and perhaps hats go off to the producers for opting for something more different than the obvious of gaming choices, for that refreshing touch overall. Of course Bond does nothing more than the impressive, with placing a $10,000 bet, to come back with more than triple his original hand. Yet alas, what would Bond movies be without the influence of love? All the winnings went to his fair lady of course.


Another Sean Connery Bond movie. This table game in the fourth movie installment, is for Chem-de-fer, a game that has Bond playing against the house and the villain (isn't there always) Emilio Largo, in the battle of the greatest gambler. This scene highlights all the commotion and atmosphere of a casino showdown. Despite the suspense, there is still an enjoyable casino experience, where Bond wins as usual.

Dr No

Dr No is one of the most spoken Bond movies of our time. It was the first ever casino fix in the series of movies and the one that made the biggest impression of course too. The casino scenes are based in the London Le Cercle Casino, with the Bond girl this time being Sylvia Trench. Bond stops all the gambling just to make a big enough impression and introduction, with his classical opening line, ‘The name's Bond, James Bond’. Definitely an introduction to remember, that's for sure.

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