Playtech Secures Sport Betting Market In New Jersey

Playtech has successfully gained passing entry within the state of New Jersey, for the use of sport betting and its market. The success means that the current plan to launch should hopefully continue within the next upcoming year.

The Division of Gaming within New Jersey has approved of the move over towards Playtech to enter the market permanently. This was only recently announced within the past week and therefore clarity of the actual date of when is for the time being unclear. The waivers, however, with Bet365 and Hard Rock Atlantic city have already begun from the moment of successful approval.

In addition to the sports betting move forward, Playtech will also release its casino gaming within the state too. Meaning a full casino gaming experience from next year is very much possible. Sport betting within New Jersey has been booming at a very large rate, since the Supreme Court made the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act.

Although recent events within the world have caused a plummet in rates of sports betting handles, and a standstill on land-based casinos, there has still been a significant rise within gambling in comparison to year over year numbers from previous years. The reason for this succession is of course due to mobile device betting which allows for players and users to engage with betting and casino products in every location. Mobile gaming is critical for Playtech and other dominating software providers within the industry as they bring in revenue regardless of the situations that occur within the world. 

Online Poker is one of the most upcoming and popular games of the online casino New Jersey Market. From 2019 to 2020, it has amassed a total of 118.6% increase in revenue. Other iGaming revenues are pushing barriers within the state of New Jersey. That is why this Playtech deal that has been passed over is a very promising one to have as an additional feature within the market.

What does Playtech have to offer?

Playtech is known internationally for its casino products that it has to offer within the market at present.  You may already be familiar with current trends that have popped up within the market, such as ‘New Jersey Slot Sites’. However the sport betting promotions are very much a new addition and at the prime of its introduction.  

Bet365 has always been the first casino to have partnered with Playtech and other gaming developers across the world. They definitely know potential when they see it!



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