White Hat Gaming & Caddell Casinos

Caddell casinos and White Hat Gaming casinos operate under the same establishments, meaning you can associate all their sister casinos as one combined interlinking of casinos. There are new casinos being added to the mix of Caddell Limited and White Hat Gaming casinos every day; our job is to review them and make sure they are the real deal and worth your time and attention. People often get drawn to the casinos that this software empire provides to players because the bonus packages are very generous and perfect for high bankroll players. For that very reason, you find all the players flock at once when a new casino gets released or press released for release. It makes the players go wild!

Within the UK there are 20 operating casinos at the moment that are providing some of the best streaming and seamless quality casinos within the industry. Seen as the pioneers of the casino industry, there is a reason for their ever-growing and current success. Once you get the gambling community talking, it is very hard to stop the hype-it very much just keeps going on and growing. Some of the latest new casinos that use the special White Hat Gaming include the casinos Spin Rider, Hello Casino, SlotNite, Slot Planet and many, many more!

White Hat Gaming casinos

White Hat Gaming is a very recent establishment within the casino realm. It was only launched within the year 2012, meaning they have been present for just over 8 years. Established by the renowned English mathematician Maxwell Wright. His 10 years’ experience within the industry allowed him to collate a presentation of casinos that would allow distinction amongst the saturated market that the casino industry has merged into over the years. Portfolios to present his career within the industry include the establishment of the Poker Share within 2005 and then additionally making contributions to the Microgaming software industry’s sites up until 2011. Instantly within under a year, he managed to aggressively launch his brand within the casino industry. The many years interacting and liaising with big industry names allowed him to spot a niche within the White Label market and therefore he sought to pursue it and seize it for himself. White Hate Gaming casinos are the fasters sister chains of casinos that have been growing within the market yet. Not only this, the quality of the casinos-new and old, make it very hard to distinguish the age of the casino, as they will provide you everything and more, that you would expect prestigious and large casinos to offer.

Why select a White Hat Gaming Casino- the advantages?

Casino gaming and mobile compatibility

The first and foremost reason why as a UK player, you should select White Hat Gaming casinos as the casino gaming output is due to the immense quality that these casinos have to offer players. Their independent software integration works perfectly with the big top casino gaming software that gets put into casino sites. Meaning all your gaming experiences within Caddell Limited casinos is very much smooth, with pristine interface throughout your gaming. Yet as you would expect with any other casino gaming niche within the industry, you will also be able to play via your mobile phone device, just as long as you ensure your data plan is as flexible as your gaming! For the gaming to work at its best without any disruptions to your gambling progression, secure network connections is a vital must. All White Hat Gaming casinos have complete compatibility to all iOS, Android and Window mobile phones. Unfortunately, within this current moment, Caddell Limited is working on the progression of an inhouse mobile application that can be streamed directly from your phone, without the need of streaming via the web browser-so definitely keep an eye out for that.

Bonus promotions

The bonus promotions within White Hat Gaming casinos is very much spoken about, The amounts offered are always very generous to use within your everyday gaming routine. You will find if that the match bonus offers are what are frequently being advertised within their big top casinos and what is ideal about them is the minimum amount deposit can be low-so the bankroll adjustment from their bonuses can be anywhere from small to large, suiting every player that wants to play within the casino.

Security and trustworthiness

Within our casino sites agents research, we came across the common occurrence that within White Hat Gaming casinos, they get licensed and regulated by two large known bodies within Europe. The usual licensing that the Caddell Limited casinos will have are the UK Gambling Commissions and the Malta Gaming Authority. This would mean that all the sites operated under the casino network, will have double the regulation and audit checks you would expect. Therefore, their sites will be even further away from being insecure and unfair, as two large bodies for audit checks are responsible within both the licensing bodies-ADR and eCOGRA. With frequent testing being taken for each of the White Hat Gaming casinos sister sites, you can be sure that you rest in good hands for a casino to keep you safe throughout your gaming experience.

Where are they Licensed?

The Caddell Limited White Hat Gaming casinos are all registered via 5 different licenses, yet the most predominant as mentioned above is the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commissions. The reason for multiple licensing is it essentially allows the casino to operate within different parts of Europe and thus extends their trafficking reach-as with any casino it is very usual that they want to outreach and source as many players as they possibly can. This strategic move also gives rise to further opportunities for expansion as the different licensing will allow for gambling operation within different countries, meaning again more people can be reached within this process.

What are the disadvantages?

The most significant aspect picked up by us Casinosites, is the lack of self-developed games that have been developed by the software network. They have present for almost a decade within the business, you would expect them into games for their loyal players, as this would express their status even further within the gaming industry. UK players have a found respect for casinos that develop their own inhouse games to provide-it also gives way for specially developed casino bonuses such as free spins/bonus spins that revolve and orbit around the game and its features.

Payment method within a few of the newer site is a little outdated. Usually, new casinos know to provide a gateway to as many payment method options as possible available within the industry, this is because to match in credibility and popularity, they cannot fall short on the basic attributes that players expect a casino to have. Therefore, this is probably the most vital negative aspect within the progression and usage of the White Hat Gaming casinos.

White Hat Gaming availability and developments

The gaming catalogue that Caddell Limited has to offer budding UK players within their sites include all the latest and hyped games that you would find in the big top casinos of the industry. Throughout their sites, expect to see slot machine games, live casino options, blackjack games with all its different variants, roulette, scratch cards and poker variants. In addition to this, White Hat Gaming have taken it upon themselves to collaborate and network with some of the biggest software gaming productions around internationally such as NextGen Gaming, NetEnt, Quickspin and many others. This ensures that the gaming choices that you have when selecting a Caddell Limited casino, will be grand and full of scope for whatever gaming mood you are feeling. SlotNite Casino alone provides its future new coming players approximately over 1200 games to have at go at in their gaming pursuits. We know as casino players; it is always good to have a bigger selection of games to play on. Not forgetting to mention, within the casino sites of Caddell Limited, you can expect to see all the largest game titles that make an internet storm-new and old, meaning their sites are constantly updated with the latest and most loved casino games internationally.

All the latest progressive jackpots will also feature throughout the sites, meaning you can have access to the largest networked progressive jackpots within the history of gaming-and all you need to do, is make sure you make a stake, that can change your life within a day if you manage to trigger it! All the games showcased within the casino sites are completely available for free to play on, as a free play demo version, purely for players to enable themselves to get the vibe of the video games and allow them to develop their gaming strategies further by trailing the games. It always is essential to know the ins and outs of a game within a casino as this can help you know how to tackle situations and avoid anything that may come by surprise that’s for sure!