Top 5 Movie Slots

Slot machine games have always been known for their diverse game themes that never seem to end when you come round to selecting your next muse for online casino gaming. Many of the slots that we see today however all have inspirations and influence from movie culture and TV shows that get streamed and become apart of our everyday lifestyle to watch.

There are many iconic movies and shows that we could mention in terms of their slot game derivatives, however, the top online slots we have picked out for you down below are extra special and guaranteed to get your reels turning!

1. Jurassic Park

Since the first release of the multiple movies in 1993, they have very much left a mark within the movie industry as one of the best movies for its time. It does not surprise us to hear that this game became a slot and a great success within the gambling community. You find that the release of more Jurassic World titles recently, gears people up more to play and enjoy the slot game that has been released for a few years now. It essentially reintroduces the excitement!

Being a classical video slot, this 5-reel game gives the player 243 ways to win with its paylines. It also has many bonus features which is very expected. You will find that the game introduces up to 36 bonus wilds that can boost your winning jackpot potential dramatically, as you should know from personal experience of playing other online slot games. Do not forget to pay attention to the games great animations and surround sound voiceovers from the cast members themselves-you will be fully immersed into the world of dinosaurs!

2. Gladiator

There is not anyone that can say that they do not like Gladiator the movie. Ridley Scott pieced the entire movie so well together that all software developers were jumping on the idea of making this idea truly theirs to conquer the slot gaming industry.

Playtech was the lucky software game producers that engaged in making this title a real gaming reality. You will find that just like the movie, you are immersed fully into the roman reality of life, within coliseums and combat fighting against the many legions of warriors that stand against you. Its kill or be killed, so you have to survive to ensure that you are engaging as much winning potential as possible in the process of gaming.

Features to look out for when playing this game include, dramatic on screen movie compilations that trigger further bonus points, should you trigger and activate following bonus features within the momentum of your gaming. Bonus points must be saved u to allow for the reveal of the Emperor icons, which can luckily provide to you 5000 coins in the making.

3. Alien

Alien is without a doubt, a classic of the late 70’s. This game provides players with all the old memories of the of the first and remade versions from previous earlier years. What you will find is, NetEnt took inspiration from all the movie releases and combined it into a joint creation with Fox Productions. Many say it to be the best of movie conversions that there has ever been.

Features to look out for in this game include the payout of a healthy 570,000 coins as the max jackpot. With great surround sound and game additions that resemble the movie, you will very much feel the spooky vibe that they have set up for you in the middle of the game. With 3D graphics and characters, let us just say you will not be putting this game on the side for any time longer!

4. Terminator

When someone mentions terminator, you will find that the quote ‘Ill be back’ brings back tons of memories of the 80’s movie that was all the rage at the time. The slot game incorporates all the sequels of the movie, meaning you will see inspiration from Judgement day, Rise of the Machines etc.

Microgaming boasts this game as an excellent follow up, if you have watched all the movies, yet still after something that entails just a little bit more! With 243 ways to win, this game will give you high payouts with its low volatility.

5. King Kong

With may remakes, this game has grown from one success to another. We would say that the 2005 epic Kong: Skull Island was the cherry on top of the cake. This game inspired NextGen to recreate the epic adventure of when the island king meets New York and the main character Ann Darrow.

If you are feeling wanting of starting an epic slot game adventure, you will find that this slot is the right one to try out. With 15 free spins available when playing the game, you will find that there are many bonus features that will raid and make your 5 reel slot filled with action!

Check out other movie slot epics in the slot gaming industry!

Other titles that are available through our slot gaming catalogues and slot sites that we suggest to our readers, include Dirty Dancing, Transformers, Mamma Mia, Titanic, Bay Watch, Planet of the Apes and many, many more titles that will raid your screen with loads of action and excitement!

All the cutting edge and technology forward slot developers in the industry are coming forward and reaching out to create more movie titles into new slots games, to ensure players like yourself can really enjoy the film craze long after its original debut.



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