What To Wear In Vegas: A Casino Dress Code

what to wear in vegas

Many people take the leap into making a trip to Vegas and it usually hits them, that they are not really sure on what to wear in Vegas. Vegas is a very glamorous place, filled with all the glitz and glamour, that most definitely has a casino dress code in place-even though you didn’t know it! Therefore, expect from us in giving you the low-down, with all the ins and outs of the Las Vegas casino dress code for you. Don’t worry we have your back; all you need to do is read on more to find out exactly what to wear in Vegas!

What to wear to a casino in Vegas?

Vegas through film culture, travel exploits and all the greatest fashion magazine in the world, always describe Vegas as the source of elegance and class in the fashion realm. Land-based casinos attract people internationally to come and show their inner unique casino dress code within all the lavish and luxury events that occur throughout the year and do you know what doesn’t change, regardless of the time and season? People still wear the casino dress code, that has been practised for many years in films and movie. The bolder your casino dress code, the better! It’s all about putting your best step forward and actually being a part of a fashion momentum that is and always will be, the Las Vegas dress code way.

Its an unsaid dress sense, that you need to show up in, or basically go home. So, you have to get it right from the first time you enter a casino.

Las Vegas dress code: a fashion statement

We have all the world’s top fashion shows that occur on a multiple scale basis throughout the world. Many constantly base their evening dress wear and lavish dress codes, through the inspiration of luxury and the extravagance that Las Vegas casinos actually bring. It is very often that big fashion brands choose a theme to create a line for and the nightlife within a casino environment is one that they often select and never get wrong in the process! Critiques always get engrossed within the concept of being extra-as extra can always be a good thing, because it can always be pulled off with the less is more approach. Throughout the years, casino dresses and wear has always been simplicity with the hint of glitz and luxury-so jewels, gems and sparkle.

Not many have the pleasure of visiting Vegas often, so when they do it is essentially their chance of making a fashion statement and being the one remembered for their great fashion taste, in depths of all the gambling, gaming and casino socialising. It has actually also spread beyond Vegas though. There are many luxury casinos spread throughout the UK. So, UK players that enjoy gambling can head over to the biggest casinos within the UK, like Grosvenor, to showcase their inner Las Vegas dress code.

Everyone wants a piece of that lifestyle, because when we dress good, we feel good. If you feel good when you are casino gambling, chances are that the confidence you are feeling will most definitely reflect in your style of playing no? So, there is definitely many positive factors as to why you need to follow a Las Vegas casino dress code. Look the part and you most definitely will feel the part!

Casino dress code within the mainstream movies

Movie culture is where Las Vegas casino dress codes all started! You will find that movies tend to love the to use and show the nightlife of Las Vegas casinos, as this is the casino dress code and lifestyle that everyone wants to be a part of. Ever watched Casino Royale with James Bond and Eva Green and just wanted to be in a casino because of watching that one movie? Eva Green’s dresses from day to night were completely effortless and boasted how femininity is power. She carried that through of course and became James Bond’s good luck charm in winning lots of money! Can we be surprised? Definitely not.

Other female emblems within the movie culture include the figures like Sharon Stone from the Casino movie of 1995. Her dress sense was all sparkle and jewels and we think she really has a positive hit within the fashion take of all future casino players who actually visited Las Vegas long after. Her style is what remains a pinnacle point within casino fashion history. Definitely take a step in her shoes and use her as an inspiration within your future Las Vegas casino dress code.

Casino dress code for women  

Casino dress codes for women can vary different, depending on what style you have of course. In comparison to what men have available to wear, women have a broader selection of choice to express themselves within the casino world. Therefore, definitely take advantage of this if you are a woman. Get some inspiration from the stars of the movie that boast and scream the essence of casinos in the process. You will find that should definitely be a great guide for you already, as mentioned above some of the most beautiful and idolized actresses within the movie culture, have stared in a casino movie or two- meaning if you follow their pursuit, you most definitely cannot go wrong. It usually spreads across to variants for both men and women-night and day, as the kind of casino events that occur within Las Vegas casinos are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Don’t confuse the two!

What to wear to a casino during the day?

We would say that casino dress codes when gambling within the day is very smartly put together, with simplicity. Yet this does not mean that you will need to compromise your love for diamante’s and jewels-of course not. It just means you will need to tone it down a little and lead a step forward towards less red lipstick and more nudes and subtle combinations if you know what we mean…

Try using tailored touches, with some simple strappy heels and a soft chiffon blouse tucked in for example. Select colours that go beyond office wear i.e. blocked dark colours and minimal colour combinations. Office wear is boring and most definitely not elegant, so defiantly do not show up in a black suit as you may perhaps be mistaken for a casino staff member! Other options you can explore include a nice fitted A-skirt, teamed with a chiffon vest blouse and jacket that drapes over your shoulders. This definitely screams effortless and chic, yet don’t forget to team your outfit with simple jewellery. Again, stay away from the use of gems and jewels that glisten under the casino lights. Try simple hoops with a simple and delicate chain to pair with it.

Casino dress code for nightfall

Now is the time you have been waiting for. All the details you will need to know about putting together your evening wear for a Las Vegas casino dress code! The perfect time for you to reach for the Swarovski necklace and earrings, including your red bold statement dress! The best materials and dresses to go for within these events include tight figure-hugging dresses that boast the luxury colours such as red, purple and black. Black always looks great in everything, yet even better as a little black dress option! Black can never be associated as tacky or underdressed because teamed with the right accessories, you can look a million dollars literally.

There is a secret rule however ladies if you want to show a little bust definitely put the long lean legs away! Showing both can cheapen your overlook. The aim is to look sexy and we know, leaving a hint of mystery is always the best!

Casino dress code for men

Casino dress codes for men can be a little tricky, as men can have a lot fewer options to go for than women do. Yet if you think of it in a positive aspect, you have a lot fewer ways of getting your actual casino dress code outfit wrong!

For men, it usually starts by ensuring that your selected dress code is smart and allows you to stand out from the code. We definitely suggest that if you decide to use block colours within your look, you need to be smart about your selections. Don’t pick any colour, left right and centre. Make sure you nail your look via simplicity and the cut and tailored feel that accentuates your best features. We definitely recommend if you are dressing for a night Las Vegas casino event, you most definitely need to go all out with a black tuxedo, with a James bond vibe. This will promise you that you will definitely not be the odd one out and rather if the fit and the cut is right-all eyes will definitely be on you! Do not be that guy that forgot the memo and turned up in combat boots and a shirt…

Selecting your Las Vegas casino dress code is always going to be challenging and we think you definitely need to prepare in advance. The key to success is by planning ahead and knowing what trends suit you and what don’t. Have an understanding of the styles and cuts of clothes that accentuate what you have to offer in terms of fashion. Making sure you have fun in what seems like chaos and many stressful decisions, is the key to all of this. When you look to part, you most definitely feel the part, and you definitely need a lot of that if you are going to be gambling within a casino, right?



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